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We can meet your treadmill needs - no matter what they are! We have already built custom treadmills with:

Start speeds as low as 0.1 mph
Top-end speeds up to 60 mph
Belt widths up to 9 Feet
Tread lengths up to 25 Feet
Decline/Inclines from -20% to 40%
Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration
Custom Spotting Systems
Encoder Controls
80/20 Connectors
Custom Colors

No matter how unusual you think your request will be – we’ve probably already built your treadmill before! We are the only treadmill company that covers all three areas: Affordable home and commercial treadmills, state-of-the-art high speed treadmills, and perfect-fit custom treadmill solutions. That means our custom treadmill prices are always much better than the competitors. Let us explain why! Call us at 800.827.2017 or email us at Sales@TuffTread.com.

 Custom Treadmill Video Demos:


Altius Gruppen Norwegian Cross Country Ski


Naval Health Research Center


Touchstone Neurorecovery


Asics Running Shoes


Hines VA Northwestern U


Marywood University




University of North Texas