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I’m writing to tell you about how much everyone in the Houston Fire Department appreciates the durability of your products. The department purchased 100 of your 4600HRT treadmills in 2003 for our Fire Stations throughout the city of Houston, and they have performed beyond our expectations in every area. 
The treadmills are installed in the living quarters, sleeping quarters, and sometimes in the truck bays at the fire stations. Our firefighters use them at all hours of the day and night. Despite being subjected to high traffic and demanding conditions, the equipment requires very little maintenance, and we have had fewer than 6 service calls total for the 100 treadmills in more than five years. That’s an incredibly low failure rate for any equipment in any setting, let alone treadmills in a truck bay that’s un-air-conditioned, and subjected to leaf-blower cleanouts. We have had quite a few part replacements from regular use and I can’t say enough about the quality customer service from the service department. 
We are very satisfied with the smoothness, ease of use, durability, and reliability of our treadmills, and we would strongly recommend them to anyone, especially other fire departments.

Captain Beda Kent, Houston Fire Department Health and Fitness,

Here at the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD), we have been using your treadmills since 2001 with units located in over 30 stations within the city of New Orleans. 
During almost eight years of use, we have very few maintenance issues with these treadmills. I and my men have received great use out of this product and are confident we will continue to be served well by these treadmills in the future. 
The NOFD is comprised of approximately 700 professional, highly trained, skilled and motivated men and women. In the course of our duties, fitness has always been a very important factor in our job and daily life. The treadmills along with other fitness equipment supplied to the NOFD by your company have helped us attain and maintain the level of performance needed to accomplish our goals and stay prepared for our job duties.

Chief Joseph R. Matthews, Deputy Chief for Special Operations & Planning, New Orleans Fire Department ,

In my sport, quickness and strength are key. With this program, I experienced a noticeable change in foot speed and reaction time that has aided in my success at the national level in grappling.

Malcolm Havens, World Grappling Champion ,

From May – October, the average gym temperature is 90 – 105 degrees. We are also in a warehouse with bay doors that allow in lots of dirt, cottonwood seeds, and trash. 
This has been enough to kill nearly every brand of treadmill that we’ve used in the past.
 Many of the athletes using the machines are near or over 300 pounds, like 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and top 17BB Branch Warren. 
We are very pleased with y’alls Texas made and Texas proud line of treadmills.

Brian Dobson, Owner, MetroFlex Gym,