Take it to the next level with our Elite model. It is a favorite for athletic performance facilities, exercise science labs, and rehab centers. With a larger training surface, higher incline, faster speed, and wider foot rails, the Elite treadmill brings versatility to any facility. The Elite model includes all the great features of our Sport treadmill and adds a mobile-spotting system. Whether it’s to spot an athlete doing a high speed sprint or to support the movement of a rehab patient, the Elite spotting system has a lightweight harness that provides safety and security for the user.


This next-level treadmill is engineered for high-intensity training. The Elite model has an integrated sled push feature to engage and activate the muscles of the lower body and core. The sled push mode allows you to shift your treadmill workout from an aerobic to an anaerobic focus and work on total body strength and power. Another key training feature on the Elite is the “no hesitation” belt. No matter the speed, incline, or user’s weight, the Elite’s powerful motor delivers the smoothest moving belt in the industry. It’s an essential treadmill performance feature that Tuff Tread has perfected to enhance high-speed training.

Top Features of the Elite Treadmill include:

  • Silver vein powder coat finish hides fingerprints and spills. You can trust that your treadmill will continue to look new for years to come.
  • Reversible deck and belt system that NEVER require lubrication
  • Water-resistant push buttons designed to last one million cycles
  • Fully-encased motor protected from dust and dirt
  • Running belt guides to keep belt center

Cyclonic Forced Air Current

Our exclusive self-cleaning system keeps electronics cool and clean.

Zero-Load Motor

Our patented Force Multiplier System takes the power load off the motor for cooler performance, smoother foot-plant resistance, and reduced belt “hesitation.”

Natural Stride Response (NSR)

Our 2-stage shock-absorbing system is designed to adjust to any user weight for a smooth and cushioned stride.



  • Speed Range: 0.5 mph – 31 mph
  • Incline Range: 0 – 40%
  • Running Surface: 26” x 70”
  • Standard Quick-Start and 6-Window LED panel that constantly displays the following data:
    • Cals/Mets/Watts
    • Time
    • Distance/Pulse
    • Incline
    • Speed
    • Scrolling Dot Matrix Displaying Program Information
  • Programs include: Manual, Pre-set, Custom, Sled Push
  • Spotting / Unweighting System with lightweight harness
  • Control and data display console can be mounted to the frame of the spotting system or can be free-standing on a pedestal with a 10-ft cord



  • Elite Footprint including spotting system and arch-mounted display: 118″ L x 62” W x 10’ 8” H
  • Treadmill Weight: 960 lbs
  • Spotting System Weight: 490 lbs
  • 12” step-up height to deck
  • Steel frame with ¼” welded structural steel construction
  • 5 HP rock crusher NEMA super-premium motor
  • Electrical: 220V single phase, 30 amp power required. (Tuff Tread can furnish diagram of outlet needed)
  • 3.5-inch precision-balanced, crowned rollers
  • Two-position, front-mounted handrail – flips back to increase space for arm movement and for checking running form
  • Side foot rail width 8 .75”


  • Spotting frame moves on 8 large caster wheels alongside the treadmill
  • 10’8” frame height (recommended ceiling height – 11 ft)
  • Flip-down, rear-facing handles for use with backward walking or running
  • Unweighting feature using a harness with 4 incremental settings to offset 0 to 50 lbs in 10-lb increments


  • Range of powder-coated color options
  • Logo personalization
  • Force Measuring Load cells for research or lab use
  • Side rails
  • Met cart connectivity



  • Shipping Weight: 2300 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 149” x 78” x 66”
  • Shipped via LTL Freight


  • Forklift or unloading dock required for delivery
  • Factory Installation available but not required
  • Forklift required at time of LTL delivery or unloading dock at the delivery address. (Shipment is too large for LTL liftgate). Tread may be shipped to a local freight terminal for customer pickup. (Costs and availability of freight terminal pick-up is determined by carrier’s destination terminals available in customer’s local area)
  • 6 strong people required for moving treadmill from pallet to use area.
  • Tools needed for uncrating and setup: 1/2” and 9/16” sockets & ratchet, crescent wrench, Phillips screwdriver, leveling instrument.


When you become the owner of a Tuff Tread Elite treadmill, you’re guaranteed a full commercial warranty with no hours or mileage restrictions. The Elite model comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 10-year limited warranty on the motor, 5-year limited warranty on parts/electronics, 3-year limited warranty on belts, and a 1-year warranty on labor for domestic sales. We make quality assurance a priority so that you can enjoy years of use with your new treadmill.