From the initial consultation to final delivery, our team is ready to assist you. Explore our frequently asked questions for information regarding your new treadmill. If you can’t find an answer to your question, get in touch with our support team at 1-800-827-2017 or service@tufftread.com


Tuff Tread offers a commercial warranty. A commercial warranty ensures higher grade engineering, parts, and the warranty is valid in all settings (e.g. both commercial setting and residential setting).

Commercial quality is a vague marketing description used to imply “light-duty commercial characteristics” and has no relevance on warranty. Treadmills described as commercial quality often have only a restricted warranty (time, hours) or carry only a home warranty.

How much do your treadmills cost? Why are there no prices on your website?

We do not directly list the price of our treadmills on our website. We think it is important to build a strong relationship with our customers both during and after the treadmill purchase. Because a treadmill is a long term purchase, we want to work closely with each customer during the purchase process.

Don’t worry, we are a friendly bunch – there are no high-pressure sales, and we will NEVER resell or “share” your contact info. A Tuff Tread sales representative will help you identify the best treadmill for your setting and any available options to help you meet your needs. Your sales rep can provide a detailed, written quote upon request.

In addition to our standard treadmill line, we also provide quotes on custom-built treadmills that are larger or require special features.

How do you contact a Tuff Tread sales representative?

Customers can email us at sales@tufftread.com with their contact information, a brief description of treadmill needs, and the type of setting that the treadmill(s) will be used in.

You can also call and speak directly to a Tuff Tread sales representative at 800-827-2017 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. USA Central Time Monday thru Friday.

What can I expect at the time of delivery?

Our treadmills are protected in wood crating and shipped via a trucking company (not UPS) directly to the customer.

Our CardioFit model can be moved on a sturdy, dolly-type platform and will require 3-5 strong individuals to move to the desired location for set-up.

For all other treadmills, a forklift/unloading dock and 5-6 strong individuals will be required at the time of delivery for handling, moving, and setting up the shipped treadmill.

Please note that custom treadmills will require delivery and installation by Tuff Tread and your sales representative will discuss these procedures with you prior to the delivery.

How do I get service on my treadmill?

Regardless of whether it’s under warranty or not, feel free to call Tuff Tread directly at 800-827-2017 to discuss a service or maintenance issue.

Because many issues can be fixed by the end-user, we encourage the end-user to do their own service and maintenance.

Give us a call, and we will diagnose the problem and help you through the repair or maintenance process. If required, we will send replacement parts directly to you.

You will need the serial number for your treadmill when you call. Tuff Tread maintains parts for all its treadmills regardless of the year or model purchased.

What type of power source do Tuff Tread treadmills require?

All of our CardioFit models run on 110 V power with an operating range of 102 to 130 volts. The Sport and Elite models use 220 V single-phase power with an operating range of 200 to 240 volts. The XXL, XXXL, and all Custom Treadmill models use 220 V three-phase power with an operating range of 200 to 240 volts.


At Tuff Tread the term “factory direct sales” means just that. We are the manufacturer – we actually design, build, ship, and service our treadmills right here in Texas, USA. It means no middle-man, no markup, and no third party to deal with for service after the sale. Other companies who say they sell factory direct are dealers or distributors. If they say they are a “factory direct” company, it usually means that they will sell you a treadmill with their markup added to the price, then call the factory and have the treadmill shipped directly to you. If you need service later, you will call the dealer, who will give you another phone number for a service and repair company, who will order parts from a distributor, who will mark up the price after they order the parts from the manufacturer. Their website says they are “factory direct” but if you ask for a picture of their factory, with their people working hard to build treadmills, they can’t send you one. But we can!

What is the difference in CUSTOM UNITS vs. PRODUCTION UNITS?

Production units are manufactured from in-stock, pre-designed parts and materials.

Custom units are “one only” and manufactured with size and features to meet a customer’s specific need and protocol. Custom units involve additional engineering, both in drawings and design as well as manufacturing of parts and testing.

Where can I buy a Tuff Tread treadmill? Do you have a dealer in my area?

Tuff Tread treadmills are only sold factory direct. Factory Direct means you will talk to and purchase directly from the manufacturer. There are no third party dealers or distributors. By selling directly to the public, we offer lower prices and more responsive sales assistance.

Whether it’s a purchasing question or a service need, our customers appreciate knowing they can call us directly for help.

Do you offer in-service on treadmill training techniques or methods?

Let us know your training needs to see if we can assist. We can discuss it during the purchase process or even after a purchase is made.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Our treadmills require no recurring weekly or monthly maintenance which saves you substantial money long term. Our decks and belts never require lubrication.

Here is the maintenance that we recommend: Flip the deck every 1-3 years, change the belt every 3-5 years, and change the motor brushes every 3-8 years. Check the drive belt tension after the first 6 months of steady use, and keep an eye on the walking belt so it doesn’t get off-center.

That’s it! That is the entire “maintenance program” for our treadmills.

Where is the serial number located on my treadmill?

Depending on the model and year purchased, the tag having the 5 -digit serial number can be found underneath the display on the upright or on the frame at the motor end of the treadmill.

If your treadmill is custom-designed, call us at 800.827.2017, and we will assist you in locating the serial number.